Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shinjuku Incident review

Story 8-Illegal chinese immigrants sneak into japan. it chronicles the rise and power of jackie chan's character, "steelhead". apparently this is his first drama... and a good one at that. the story is gritty,gory,and realistic.it shows what really gang life is all about. yes jackie chan,daniel wu,and others slowly rise to power and transforms themselves into the biggest foreign gang in japan! the story is full of betrayal and brotherhood.yeah i know,jackie chan is a evil character. plus this is his first movie where he has a sexx scene lol.In my opinion they dont show enough "rise to power" more like the characters getting settled down and starting to go into the business of the underworld.

*note the movie is a drama.not an action.but a drama.there's only like 4 action scenes...but also there isnt martial arts. its more like street fighting. no martial arts in this film sorry JC fans!!!!!

sound 7.9- im sorry but jackie chan cant act drama! jet li is better than him... overall the dialogue is cool,they speak half chinese and japanese throughout the whole movie. dialogue is good,keeps you into the story.... the low score.... is for jackie chan's acting.

presentation 8-this movie has lots of really cool choreography in it's action scenes even though the there is no martial arts. This movie doesn't shy away from gore,which is why i like it.Plus it just has that gritty realistic feel to it.

overall- 8/10 or 3/5.

its worth a watch,but only if you like dramas and movies like the godfather.Jackie chan fans REALLY have to check this one out to see how he does.

Heavy Rain review


Story 8.5- The story is what makes this game unique. It revolves around 4 characters; an architect trying to get past obstacles to save his son, a journalist, an Fbi agent, and an ex-cop. The main story is actually the dad's, but they all revolve around trying to find the origami killer, who kidnaps little boys and then 4 days later they are found dead close to train tracks, usually in a wasteland type of place. The story is genuinely touching. Every decision you make affects the story, and there are over 22 endings. You WILL feel sad for the dad as he goes through trials and tribulations to save his son. Honestly i even almost felt like shedding a tear on some moments of the game. The story also has a very unexpected twist that WILL shock you.

Sound 9- The voice acting overall ranges from decent to amazing. The Main characters all sound great, while some minors sound decent or just sometimes weird. The score is also amazing; it helps add to the overall story and is something that is a key element to Heavy Rain. The scenes with the scores allow the maximum effect of drama.

Gameplay 8- It plays like the sims ( kind of). when givin the option to, you can move your character around and do things like drink water, go to the restroom, sit down, watch tv, and etc. Also there's a mass effect type of conversation system, and you can listen to your character's thoughts by holding down the left trigger. Then, there's the action scenes. When they happen, it plays like God of war Quick time events ( or QTE). Of course saying it doesn't really make it interesting, but it really is. What's unique about Heavy rain is that all your chracters can die; there is no gameover. A good example are the QTE scenes. Unlike most games, in this one when you fail to press a button, the game reads that action and continues on, thus for example, if there was a fight, you could lose, win, or suck so bad the fight could even cut halfway short. Because of this, you will really feel the tension everytime you are in one of those scenes. You never know.... sometimes that one failed button press can kill your character...

Replay Value 8- It is worth the $60. You get 8-11 hrs of gameplay, and you can go back to do new things that can lead you to scenes you've never even seen before. Also with trophies, it helps you try to play the hell out of the game.

Final thoughts- This is not a game to miss. *WARNING this title is pretty mature, also if your not the type of person that can sit through something like a 10 hr mini series, then this isn't for you. Also people who only like action games should also be aware of this game. This game is not an action game, its an interactive drama.* If you own a ps3, this is a game that you should buy. Its a unique experience where on your first play through, you make up the story the way you want it to be. There is no right or wrong. Overall- 8.5

Developer- Quantic Dream Publisher- Sony Computer Entertainment Rated M Supports trophies HOW I REVIEWED THIS
Played it 1 time through with one character death, took 10-12 hrs. Then through specific scenes and portions of the game and got all trophies.

Yakuza 3 Review

Story 7.9- Kazuma Kiryu is back and he kicks some more ass! But this time, he's doing it for orphans??? The story is ok, not the best out of the yakuza games. Still lots of twist and turns and dramatic moments though. 2 years after the 2nd game, kazuma is now running an orphanage, finally away from his yakuza life.NOTE* for anyone who doesn't know, Yakuza is japanese mafia. Things are going well for him until 2 of his friends get shot and some sort of conspiracy involving the land his orphanage occurs, threatening his kids. Once again he goes back to the yakuza way of solving things.

Graphics 7.9- This game came out in 2008 but just came out over here so of course it looks pretty outdated. The game still looks acceptable though. The entire cities you roam in look great! character models look ok. The only part where the graphics actually shine is when your beating the crap out of people. For some reason it looks good above all. Literally....

Gameplay 9- this is how yakuza works. You walk around towns/cities like an rpg(you talk to people to receive quests, buy items/trade/sell,Lvl up). Then every once in a while someone runs up to you and then the fighting begins. Its pretty cool how it works. When they run up to you and get done talking with you, the crowds walking around the streets start to crowd around the fight, NO LOADING SCREEN.The fighting is where this game shines. Its a "button masher"(punch,kick,grab,block,dodge) but what makes it unique is there's a bar in the corner called your heat meter. When you fill it up to the right length, you can grab the enemy and go to the environment( or if you unlock a specific move-don't need it environment) and then trigger a heat move. These moves are basically just finishers but they look really awesome and there's more than 80.Some range from badass to just plain silly.Aside from the fighting there's also lots of minigames you can play like pool,darts, or better... karaoke.

Replayablility 9- This game's story mode is easily 20 hours long. Add minigames and 101 sidemissions and you've got 7 plus hours right there. This game is pretty addicting but might turn off some people since its subtitled.

overall 8.5- Worth it if your a fan of jrpgs

Publisher- Sega
Developer-Amusement visions
Played through twice. Done most of the side missions (80%). Total playtime-63 hours.Trophies available

Read Dead Redemption Review

Story 9- An ex-outlaw named John Marston sets out on a mission to kill or capture his former brother in arms. There's more to it, but the story is to good to ruin. Let's just let it sound cliche for now.

sound 10- Voice acting is amazing for every single person. The score that goes along with it really helps put you in the wild west. Effects for guns sound very good.

Graphics 9- Some glitches here and there, but overall characters look great and the world looks amazing.Sometimes the game slows down out of nowhere for no reason. Physics are amazing.

Gameplay 10- So much things to do! Story would take you roughly 20 hours. Side missions would take about 3-4 additional hours and then you have unlimited bounty hunter missions and tons of mini games. The game just basically plays like Gta. Only thing worth mentioning is the dead eye system, which slows down time and lts you target stuff, then when you trigger it john marston shoots everything in a very awesome motion.

overall- 9.5

How i Reviewed This
Publisher-Rockstar games
Developer- Rockstar San Diego
Trophies/achievements enabled
Played through to about 65% and did a decent amount of side missions and bounty hunter missions. Playtime is 13 hours.

Inception movie review

The scene of the crime takes place in a dream. INCEPTION is a new movie from the famed director of THE DARK KNIGHT. Starring Leo Dicaprio with a very strong cast, Inception is one of those rare movies that wants you to think, and enjoy it at the same time.

Story 9- Since the trailers doesn't really tell what the story is about, most people will probably put it off right we they see it. DONT judge this movie by its cover. The story is pretty simple. Its half heist film, and the other half is centered on the main character Dom Cobb, who is trying to move on from the fact that his wife is dead. Dom is a character who you will learn to sympathize with. He's a cool guy. Though the plot if pretty simple, me like most people will have to agree that its very complexed and layered. With some thought, this movie delivers on the entertainment front. Nolan does a great job on providing all the details for you to get what's going on, while also leaving you a little confused on the minor things( don't worry, this movie is meant to be viewed a few times, there's lots of hidden info scattered throughout the movie that the he left on purpose, why you ask? watch the movie and you'll see). The cast is likeable, and when i say they're strong and support the movie very much, i mean it.

Sound 9- Once again the actors are very good. They make what already is a good story even better. All the characters are generally likeable. The sound effects, are awesome! Guns sound real; explosions sound epic! The music also helps get you immersed in the movie.

Presentation 10- The Cgi is great! It really gets you immersed into the whole "Dream state". The cinematography also make this movie a great experience! Everthing is beautifully shot, making the dreams have more of an effect on the audience. Also, the fact that Mr.Nolan leaves lots of easter eggs(hidden clues etc.)throughtout the movie, it encourages multiple viewings to get the whole story on the movie, AND receive your own personal interpretation( if you watched it, you know what i mean).

OVERALL- 9.5 A must watch for all you movie-goers looking for an intelligent thriller, where you can think AND enjoy a movie at the same time. Also fans of Nolan should watch it.

Friday, January 29, 2010

The girl

There are some people, who like having a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Then there's people like me that like being single, free from anyone trying to take over or at least be apart of your life. Honestly? imo i really don't want a girlfriend, but sometimes i can't help it. You are pretty much a part of me now. I see you everyday. When im with you i feel relaxed, talking to you makes me calm. I feel very comfortable with you. As much as im fond of you right now, i want to keep it the way it is.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The call of duty EPIC FAIL

LOL i was playing cod waw a few minutes ago.It was a search and destroy match and i had died.I was on the free camera and looking at this guy named ICY playing.LMAO the guy is an idiot....
There was 2 bouncing betties(mines) and at first he tried to use an mp40 and blow it up.He shot at it multiple times and for some reason none of the shots hit the betty.Then he decides to switch the his pistol and fires some shots...but to no use.This is what he does....
He LITERALLY slowly runs up to the betty and triggers it,but he does it in such a smooth way,that he didnt get affected.Little did he know... there was a 2nd betty! lol. He then tries to do the same thing again!He takes out his mp40 and starts shooting a bunch of bullets at the betty. OH NO! he didn't realize the betty was behind a wall! (He had the ability to seek out explosives). So then he tries to crawl towards the betty,hoping it would trigger and hit the wall not him.EPIC FAIL!!!!!! he crawls towars it and it blows up his arm and legs! LMAO what an idiot...